Top Best 56 Digital Marketing Tools Which Beginners Should Know In 2019

Top best 56 Digital Marketing tools in 2019

Just for a moment think that You have started a brand new blog or a website.

And You really want to have a lot of traffic or visitors on your blog.

Do you know there are some wishes which every website owners have like increasing website traffic, revenue, generate more sales, get more customers and so on.

And I am pretty sure that you may have also thought about these things if you are new, if you are not new then some point of life you think off.

After pushing your website online, never think that your work had been over or your online business has been established.

It is just your illusion, you and your business or blog had just taken a baby step.

This is the place where your real work will just get started.

You may be thinking that what kind of work? I have published my website online, now what? isn’t?

Now its time to track down the performance of your website, research for your competitors, you need to do marketing for attracting customers or visitors towards your website and a lot of the other things needed to be done.

But how will you perform such a task?

Thankfully there are lots of tools and software which are available for you to make your task easier.

Do you really want to know which are those tools?


These are the Top Best 56 Digital Marketing Tools Which Beginners Should Know In 2019


These tools not only help your business or blog in growth but also saves your lots of time and makes your job easier to get completed.

These are the tools and software, have a closure look, but don’t forget that some of them are free to use but some are paid too.

So, shall we get started with our list?


1. Google Analytics




It is the world most popular web analytics tool by Google. Which is used by more than 70% of websites on the internet to track their visitors, website performance, sales and etc.

I am totally sure that you will find only a few websites which are not using this amazing analytic tool for their business.

I think that you will get supersized after listening that Google Analytics is absolutely FREE for lifetime.

You can easily integrate with your website with easy to setup process which can be done within a minute.

But with one Google account, you can track only 50 websites.

Do you know that I just love this Google Analytics, But why, what’s the reason, you may be thinking. right?

Because It provides an amazing list of features which never ends like.

1. Advertising Report

2. Complete traffic report ( organic, social, direct, referral )

3.  E-commerce Reporting

4. Real-time Reporting

5. Flow visualization

These are few features which I could countdown, but Google Analytics provides a lot more than these.


2. Ahrefs




Ahrefs is a complete all in one SASS tool which serves amazing services to their users.

Do you ever think, that in this competitive marketplace how would you and your website remain survived?

Do you have any idea?

If not then, let me tell you.

You will need to check your website SEO, need to generate quality backlinks, you need to keep an eye to your competitors and much more things are in the list which you may have to do.

And for performing all such work this powerful SASS tool should be in your pocket or in your toolbox.

But, why only this?

Because this is going to help you in :

1. Keyword Research

2. Backlink Analysis

3. Competitive Analysis

4. Link Building

5. Organic Traffic Analysis

These are the few features only, but there are lots more which are waiting for you to get explored.

This tool is not at all FREE of cost. You have to pay the prices for using their services.


3. MailChimp




Today marketing is the most important thing for your business whether it’s online or offline.

And In both the places, you need to build a personal connection with your customers, users or the peoples to whom you are serving.

And If your businesses are online then this tool is really going to help you a lot.

Through Email Marketing you can build a bond with your users and can increase your revenue and sales.

It is the world’s most popular email management software available on the internet right now.

It offers amazing features like

1.  Connect with your store

2. Marketing automation

3. Give customer call to action with landing pages

4. Integration with your App

This is not the end of the features, there are too many of them are waiting for you to get explored.


4. Hubspot




As Hubspot says that software which fuels your growth and builds a deeper relationship from the first hello to a happy customer and beyond.

And that is totally true, isn’t?

Hubspot is the one of the leading CRM marketing software in the market right now.

It provides a complete software solution for marketing, sales and customer service.

It provides amazing features like

1. Create email templates

2. Marketing Automation

3. Meetings

4. Live Chats

5. Sales Automation

6. Document Storage

There are lots of amazing features in the box of Hubspot, Don’t forget to visit on their website and explore the features.


5. Google Trends


Google Trends


If you are a content creator than this tool is only made for you.

Do you ever realized that for many times you get confused about on which topic you should write or what people are willing to know or what they are searching for on the internet.

And this is the problem is faced by many content creators.

But Google solved this problem with Google Trend.

Google Trend provides all popular search result which is done by peoples in Google Search Engine according to your niche.

This is amazing. isn’t?

Google Trends offers a wide range of features like

1. Latest trending topics

2. Most searching topics

3. Geolocation search topics

4. Simple and clear user Interface

Visit the Google Trend and use the features of that tool.


6. Crazy Egg




CrazyEgg is the amazing optimization tool which lets you get an insight of users behavior on your website.

According to CrazyEgg, over 220,000 websites use a CrazyEgg to improve their website and track the behavior of their customers or the users, which helps to improve their product or services.

This tool also helps you to get understand the journey of your users on your website through snapshots and recordings.

You can quickly make any changes on your Website with the help of Crazy Egg Editor.

Here is the complete list of features which is offered by Crazy Egg, Take a Quick look.

1. Heatmap

2. Snapshots

3. Recordings

4. A/B Testing


7. Google Evernote


Google Evernote


If you are having a lot of content or stuff on your pc, and no more place left to save your content than this tool is really going to help you.

Evernote is an amazing tool which is offered by Google to save your documents or notes online.

It is the first choice of many people or businesses because taking a note with Evernote is too much easy and quick with the simple and sweet user interface.

You may fall in love with Evernote if you will use for once because it offers amazing features like

1. Save Everything

2. Share Everything

3. Sync Everything

Over 225 Million users trust Evernote for note taking and me also one of them.

So, go ahead and try for once.


8. Buzzsumo




You are definitely going to agree that there is lots of content on the internet and competitors too.

And getting traffic or visitors on your website is a little bit hard job if you don’t have a tool like Buzzsuomo.

Buzzsuomo is an amazing tool if you want to track down your competitor, just use it for once and afterward you are definitely going to love it.

With Buzzsumo you can analyze which content performs best on any topic, numbers of shared on social media and you can also find the competitors for that topic.

I am pretty sure that there is not a single content creator who is not using or knowing about Buzzsumo.

There are lots of companies who are using Buzzsumo like BuzzFeed, Expedia, Yahoo, TED, Hubspot and so on.

Buzzsumo offers

1. Competitor Research

2. Content Research and Planning

3. Content Discovery

4. Brand Monitoring

There are lots of things which are offered by Buzzsumo, Just visit for once and explore their features.


9. Google PageSpeed


Google Page Speed


For getting more traffic, visitors and sales, your performance and speed of your website should be amazing which keeps users on your website for long hours and hours.

And to improve or check the performance of your website, you need an amazing tool, to complete this task.

There is no other best tool is available to check your speed other than Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google Page Speed Insights crawl your entire website and shows the problem and the solution to fix that issue your website speed issues.

It gives a complete overview of the website, i.e performance score and speed score within just a click.


10. Kissmetrics




You ever wanted to know how people engage with your website, what they do after landing on your site.

No Idea, Don’t worry Kissmetrics is here to help you.

Kissmetrics is another amazing tool which helps you to understand what people are doing on your website and products.

It delivers behavior-based engagement every step of the way.

Kissmetrics helps to increase conversions, drive engagement and grow retention.


11. FollowerWonk




As we all know that what social media plays a role in sharing and in engaging more peoples with the content.

And To build and grow any business, you need to connect with the people through these kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

And Followerwonk will help you in achieving this task.

Followerwonk is an amazing tool which helps you to find, analyze, and optimize your social growth.

Follwerwonk helps you in

1. Search Bios

2. Compare users

3. Analyze

5. Track followers

6. Sort followers


12. Google Ads


Google Ads


Do you Want to place an advertisement for your product and services?

Then one of the world most trusted tool which you are going to hear is Google Ads or most popularly known as Google Adsense.

Google Ads is an amazing tool which is offered by Google for the Advertisers to place ads on a different website or on their website i.e Youtube.

You can promote your products with Google ads within your budget with their Advertising method like

1. Cost Per Click ( CPC ) Ads

2. Cost Per Mile ( CPM ) Ads

Google Ads provides different Ads types like

1. Search Ads

2. Display Ads

3. Video Ads

4. App Ads

Want to Advertise on the Internet, Then Google Ads is there for you.


13. Trello




Trello is the most amazing app which is available right now in the market to help you in your project management.

It lets you create a board, lists, and cards which enables you to organize and prioritize your project in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

It is the most visual way for teams to collaborate on any project.

Other than project management and collaboration, it also enables the members to discuss a project or task in real-time.

It is a totally amazing app or software which is used by many companies like Google, Adobe, Kickstarter and so on.

If you want to work on a project with your team and that should be synced online, then go for Trello as it will not going to disappoint you.


14. Hootsuite




Suppose think that you have a complete list of social media account like you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and so on.

It becomes really hard to manage all such accounts or profiles in one go.

So, This problem is solved by Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is an amazing social media management tool. Which helps in managing all social media accounts in one place.

This is the most highlighted features which are offered by Hootsuite.

1. Save time by scheduling your social post

2. manage social content with ease

3. Track and prove social ROI


15. Google Alerts


Google Alerts


Google Alerts is the another best service offered by Google. Which helps you to catch with your interested topics.

With Google Alerts you will never miss any new updates related to your interested topic.

Just need to log in with your Gmail Account and select your interested topics and get alerts in your inbox about new updates.

You can set your Google Alerts for monitoring blog, news, video, discussion, books and etc.


16. MOZ




Moz is a leading SEO software or tool which is used by millions of marketers and content creators.

It helps you to take your website to a new height with their services like

1. Keyword Research

2. SEO Audit and Crawl

3. Backlink Research

4. Rank Tracking

With all these tools, Moz helps in your business growth, increase visitors, revenue and leads to more sales.


17. App Annie


App Annie


Know how your business if performing in the app market with App Annie.

Gain valuable competitive and market insights across app downloads, revenue, usage, engagement, and advertising metrics.

And Understand how top apps monetize, then leverage their practices to increase your revenue.

App Anime has a lot of customers who are using their services like Amazon, Google, hp, Snapchat, Coca-Cola, Samsung, visa and lots more.


18. Canva




Canva is the most amazing tool for image editors.

Within just a single sign up on Canva, you can open the doors to creativity.

You can create your own logo, banners, posters, thumbnail and more things with this outstanding tool.

You can build your own team or collaborate with others and start creating your amazing images.

Easy to use Interface and great templates are available on Canva to create designs

You are going to love this tool if you will use for one time.


19. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner


Nowadays, for ranking any website in search engines keyword matters the most other than anything.

And for doing Keyword research, this tool can be helpful i.e Google Keyword Planner

It is the most amazing tool which is offered by Google, which will help you in hunting the different and different kinds of keyword and shows their competitions, Average monthly search, Ads impression and etc.

Take a look on few Google Keyword Planner highlights

1. Discover new keywords

2. Compare keyword trends

3. Create and share your plan


20. Slack




Suppose you assume that your business is having a big number of group of peoples? then you should definitely aware of Slack.

Slack is the best software for small businesses and for a great team.

It is the best business communication platform where your all team members can come together and have a communication, like sitting in a single room with all of them and having conversations.

You can do a phone call or video call with your team (up to 15 people) and can share screens with all of them in one go.

You can chat with all your team in a group or you can have a private chat with your one team member.

Slack holds lots of features within itself, go and explore on their platform at Slack.


21. Buzzstream




BuzzStream moto is “Build Relationships. Build Buzz”.

It is the best software for those businesses who want to build great and long-lasting relationships with their users.

BuzzStream helps in research influencers, manage your relationships and conduct outreach that is personalized and efficient.

BuzzStream software is for

1. Digital PR

2. Link Builders

3. Content Promoters

BuzzStream has a great list user like Shopify, Airbnb, Canva, Glassdoor and so on.

This tool can be for you and for your business, explore more features at BuzzStream.


22. Buffer




A buffer is the another best social media account management tool like Hootsuite.

It the best solution for an easier way to manage your social media marketing.

It makes simple to schedule posts, analyze performance and manage your accounts in one place.

A buffer is available on all platforms i.e on Android, iOS and as a browser extension for Browsers.

Analyze the performance of your posts, get a complete overview of how you’re trending on social and etc.

Find even more great features for you and for your business only on Buffer.


23. Google Webmaster Tool




Track your website’s search performance with Google Search Console. This is another FREE Tool from Google.

It is designed to give you complete information about many things like link broken on your website, Google search Performance, sitemap submission and so on.

Google webmaster tool act as a caretaker of your website.

It shows everything which is going wrong on your website and stopping you from growing.

Through the Google webmaster tool, you will get a complete idea on how Google Crawl is interacting with your website and indexing your site in search results.


24. Sumo




The easiest way to turn your visitors into E-commerce customers is through Sumo.

Sumo is one of the best software out there which helps the website in growing, build a large group of followers, helps your website to monitor and steer your growth and success.

Sumo offers great features like

1. List Builder

2. Welcome Mat

3. Share

4. Smart Bar

All these tools will definitely help in boosting your business growth.

Don’t forget to have a look at Sumo for the growth of your business.


25. Facebook Ads




Wants to get connected with billion of peoples, then there is no better platform available other than Facebook.

Facebook Ads will help you in reaching billions of peoples and have interactions with them.

It is the best platform to reach your target audience and showcase your product and service to the peoples.

You can decide your own budget, target audience, niche, select gender to show ads, page likes and so on while publishing your Ads with Facebook Ads.


26. Ubbersuggest




As a content writer, blogger or article publisher, you will definitely aware of keywords and how important it is for any website.

Keyword research is something which you can’t skip or deny to choose in your article or post.

This tool is especially for those peoples only who writes something on the internet.

Ubbersuggest is a great tool for getting an idea’s or the suggestions for your post or an article.

There are lots of keyword tools which are paid like MOZ, Semrush, Ahrefs and so on. But Ubbersuggest is absolutely FREE for the lifetime.

This tool helps you to discover new keywords and phrases, shows CPC, Search volume and competitions on a specific keyword or a phrase

Ubbersuggest shows suggestions from the combinations of two tools i.e Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest.


27.  SimilarWeb




You are curious to know what techniques or method your competitors are using for the growth of their business.

If yes, then this tool can solve your curiosity.

SimilarWeb is the best tool which provides you with accurate and very informative data of your competitor’s businesses.

With this tool or software, you can keep your eyes on them what really they are doing.

SimilarWeb as a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) analysis tool collects important metrics on traffic, engagement, SEO keyword and so on.

If you are really want to shine within your industry than you should really give a try on this tool.


28. Semrush




Semrush is a great tool for digital marketing professionals, it is the all-in-one marketing toolkit.

There are lots of free keyword research tool is available, but Semrush is a paid tool which is having a vast list of features like.

1. Organic Research

2. Advertising Research

3. Display Advertising

4. Backlinks

5. Keyword Research

6. Domain vs Domain

This list never ends, Semrush has more than this to offer.




Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool is an absolutely free tool for peoples who want to do keyword research for free.

You can research keywords from the most popular websites like Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon and so on.

If you want to go for advanced research than offers PRO version of their services for professionals.

It is best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and others keyword researcher tool like Semrush, Moz and etc.


30. HelloBar




According to HelloBar most visitors of your website leaves your site without taking any action. With the help of HelloBar, you can convert your visitors into customer.

It is the best tool for getting the attention of your visitors through the pop message, exit message or bar message on the top of your website.

This tool helps in generating in more leads, subscriber, sales and so on.

Grab your FREE account on HelloBar and explore the amazing features of the tool and never miss out any of your visitors.


31. Wpforms




For any online businesses, the contact page is the most important page on that website. Through this page, your customers, users or your visitors can contact you.

And Wpforms is the magic tool which helps to build your contact forms. With the help of a simple Drag and Drop technique, you could build the most amazing and friendly WordPress contact form within a minute.

This form will be mobile friendly and spam protected.

WpForms has more to offer, Just explore their features and you will love to build the forms with WpForms.


32. Zendesk




Zendesk is the software which helps you to build a great relationship with your customers.

If you love to give the best experiences to your customers than Zendesk is only for you because it helps you in achieving this goal.

Zendesk help to connect with your customer in any medium of communication like a phone call, chat, email, social media and much more if it is available.

With help of Zendesk, you can provide amazing services to your customers and can build relationships with them easily within no time.


33. Feedly




With the help of Feedly, you can organize, chat and share, what matters the most to you.

Feedly is a news aggregator application which compiles from various online sources for you in an amazing stylish customizable interface and makes you fall in love with itself.

Feedly shows you the best content from the web according to your interest, with the most popular sources like from Blogs, Publication, Youtube, Tweets and much more.

You can also share and collaborate with your teammates on Evernote, Trello, Slack and etc.

People love Feedly because they read only those things what they love to read.

If you also have the same wish then try Feedly for once.






IFTT is the freeway to get all your apps and devices talking to each other.

Not everything on the internet plays nice with your devices, that way IFTT is on a mission to build a more connected world.

You can connect any apps or devices with IFTT and enjoy the service at one place.

IFTT allows brands to connect their product with a numerous number of third parties app on Android, IOS, and windows.

It is another social media management tool which is totally Free and supports all the devices.


35. Addthis




Do you want to engage with your visitors? Then AddThis is going to help you a lot.

This tool helps you to add cool share buttons on your website for sharing your content on social media platforms.

Other than sharing buttons AddThis also offer to Follow Buttons, Link Promotion, List Building, Related Post and lots more.

This tool is absolutely Free to integrate with your website within a few and easy steps.


36. Spyfu




SpyFu is another Keyword Researcher tool which is having lots of features for growing your business.

You can Search for any competitor. Download their keyword and Ads. Increase traffic and conversions only with SpyFu.

This tool exposes the search marketing formula for your competitors business.

Through SpyFu you can perform lots of tasks like

1. PPC Competitor Research

2. SEO Competitor Research

3. Keyword Research

4. Domain List and Top Lists


37. Quicksprout




Have you heard about Neil Patel?

He is the Entrepreneur, Investor, Influencer, digital marketer and so on.

He is the co-founder of Neil Patel, Kissmetrics, HelloBar, CrazyEgg and QuickSprout.

Among all those products QuickSprout is University or Blog where you can learn everything about digital marketing, growing your traffic, increasing your revenue and sales, building relationships with your customers and so on.

It is the best university for the leaners who can’t afford the huge prices of his consultancies for their businesses.

I am totally sure that you will definitely fall in love with the blog post which is published by him and his team members.


38. Alexa




Alexa is an Amazon Company Product which helps your business get better marketing results.

It keeps track of all records of your website like

1. Global Traffic Rank

2. Popularity

3. Engagement

4. Search Traffic

5. Unique Visitors

Alexa is a very trusted product on the internet which completely devoted for growing your online business.


39. Grammarly




Grammarly is the best product for the writers or the content creators, many people already fall in love with Grammarly.

It makes sure everything you type is clear, effective and mistakes free.

This tool offers accurate, context-specific suggestions to make your work shine.

It makes you write mistake free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everywhere on the web.

Grammarly gives you confidence while writing anything without any fear of mistakes in that content.

You can improve your writing skills with Grammarly because it gives explanations to each and every mistake which you had done in your content.


40. Countly




Countly is the best analytics platform for tracking customer journeys on the web, Desktop, and mobile applications.

It processes billions of data points every day and helps businesses across the globe understand their product usage and act on highly detailed data.

Countly helps you in understanding lots of things about your product like

1. Understand how your application is used with app usage analytics

2. Explore user behavior on an individual level of detail through individuals tracking

3. Engage with your customers with Push Notifications

4. Fix any problem before its impact on your businesses by using crash analytics.

There is a lot more to explore the features of Countly which few is listed above.


41. Piktochart




Love to see a stylish, beautiful and amazing infographic, posters, presentations and much more on others website.

Then you can also make that kind of amazing and colorful content with yourself without hiring any designer only with Piktochart.

Piktochart is an amazing tool which helps you in creating Infographics, Presentations, Reports, Flyers, and Poster within a few minutes.

It is just a simple, intuitive tool which helps you and your team to tell stories with the visual form.

You can choose one of the pre-built templates for your project and start editing it within a few minutes or start from scratch.


42. Majestic




Majestic has the world largest link index database.

It is for the SEO professionals, Media Analysts, Entrepreneurs, and developers.

Majestic helps you in exploring the domain or URL in detail with their site explorer tool.

It also helps you to determine the number of backlinks does a domain or URL has with their Backlink history tool.


43. Pexels




Pexels is the best place to get the amazing stock photos at one place.

It has wide varieties of photos which can amaze you from their qualities. There are lots of contributors who post their photos for FREE.

You can share any stories with your audience from images on your Blog or Website, Promote your product, Print marketing materials, Share them on social media’s and you can do much more on Pexels.

On Pexels you can discover new photos, popular searches, and images, Leaderboard with huge collections on different categories like

1. Friends

2. Music

3. People

4. Technology

There are lots of categories which we can’t countdown. So, visit yourself on Pexels and explore all their images.


44. Animoto




Do you know that videos are the most engaging content on the web, and it can’t be ignored by any person.

And creating videos for your website is a kind of little bit tough job for the single person.

But you can perform this job without any much efforts with Animoto.

With the help of Animoto, you can create great videos within a few minutes with the easy and friendly user interface.

You can build Marketing videos for your business, slideshow videos for photography and slideshow videos for family.

Within a few steps, your videos will get ready to be shared on social media or with the other peoples.

1. Choose style and song

2. Add photos, video clips, and text

3. Produce and share

Animoto is already featured in lots of news and publications like Forbes, Inc, BBC, CNN and lots more.


45. Optimizely




Optimizely is the other best software if you want to make experiments with your website, products or your customer’s user experience.

Run, Manage and share 10x the number of experiments, across marketing or product development with Optimizely.

It is having lots of products for conducting experiments all over the web like

1. Web Experimentation

2. Web Personalization

3. Web Recommendation

4. Full Stack

5. Mobile

There are lots of experimental product which Optimizely is having to become brave and have an experiment with your product or services and increase your revenue and sales.


46. Google Optimize


Google Optimize


Google Optimize is the free service provided by Google.

It is an A/B testing platform. which lets you run experiments on your website in order to find the best experiences of your users after making changes to your websites.

Because it is difficult to analyze that what was working earlier before making changes to the website and what is not working now after making changes.

Google Optimize is a very useful tool for any business who makes quite changes on their websites.

This tool helps in optimizing your pages and improving the performance of your website.

Google Optimize offers amazing features like

1. A/B testing

2. Multivariate testing

3. Targeting

4. Redirect testing

Any tools features could not be over within a few lines, to know more about the tool you need to explore that tool.


47. Hotjar




Hotjar is new and easy to understand your mobile and web visitors.

This is one of the best all in one analytics and feedback tool available in the market to track your visitor’s behavior on your website.

Over 216,273 Companies in 184 countries improve their websites with Hotjar.

Provide a better experience for your visitors by tracking their behavior on your site and improving your product if there is any problem with Hotjar.

Hotjar provides amazing features in a small box like

1. Heatmap

2. Recordings

3. Conversion Funnels

4. Form Analysis

5. Feedback Polls

6. Incoming Feedback

Hotjar gives you a lot more features so that you can improve your product and services.


48.  Infogram




Infogram is an easy to use infographic and chart maker.

You can create and share beautiful charts, interactive maps, graphics, online reports with Infogram within a minutes.

Infogrames offers

1. 35 charts and 550 maps

2. Audience Engagement

3. Data Connectivity

4. 1 million images and icons

5. Return on investment

Over 30,000+ companies use Infogram to create effective, beautiful visuals that impress colleagues and customers.

And those companies are Linkedin, Skyscanner, MSN, Intercom, Euronews and so on.


49. TechSmith


Tech Smith


TechSmith is the industry leader for screen recording and screen capture software. It gives you everything for capturing and recording your windows, mac, and ios devices.

You may be familiar with their products like

1. Snagit

2. Camtasia

3. Relay

These are the few software which is very much popular and globally used by many peoples.

Over 30 million peoples from the glob your TechSmith software to show off the product, teach a course, train others, and communicate faster and more engaging way.

TechSmith featured in CNN, Forbes, PCWorld, TechRadar and so on.


50. NinjaOutreach


Ninja Out Reach


With the help of NinjaOutReach get access to over 25 million bloggers and social media influencer without any hassle.

Finding influencers, business leaders, promoting your products, building links, getting sales became easier with NinjaOutReach.

This tool can help you in many ways like :

1. Finding millions of business leads and influencers instantly

2. Growing traffic, automate link building outreach, and promote your business

3. Track campaign and conversations

NinjaOutReach is for :

1. Lead generators and link builders.

2. Email, content and digital marketers.

3. Digital PR, agencies, and big marketing teams.


51.  Answer the public


Answer the pubic


Answer the public is the free online tool which helps you in providing what people are searching for online.

It is an amazing tool which lets you know what your audience really wanted to know more about.

You can search for any keyword from any location in any language and can know what people are searching over that location.

This is a very useful tool because if you know what people want then you can provide better services to them and according to their needs.

This tool is used by lots of companies to know their customer’s thoughts like Nike, Sony, Sega, ESPN, Stanford University and so on.


52. GetResponse


Get Response


GetResponse is the all in one online marketing platform to grow your business.

Enhance your marketing programs with integrated features of this tool and they are as follows.

1. Grow your list, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement.

2. Create and publish high converting squeeze, video and promo pages.

3. Enhance your customer communications with complete webinar marketing solutions.

4. Marketing automation

There are more features which are hidden on their website, explore that by visiting there.

GetResponse has more than 350,000 happy and satisfied customers who love to use this tool.

They also featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Mashable, Technorati and so on.


53. CJ Affiliate




CJ affiliate is the world’s largest and most established affiliate marketing network designed to help you to achieve intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth.

It is the world’s biggest network channel that reaches and influences consumers worldwide.

Engage with more than 930+ million people with CJ affiliate and increase your revenue.

Over 150 payment currencies are available to the publishers.

CJ affiliate network provides cutting edge technology to get connected with your consumers like :

1. Cross-device platform

2. Cookieless tracking

3. Affiliate customer Insights

4. Verticalized Integration

CJ affiliate has something for both advertisers as well as publisher.






LiveChat is the fastest way to help your customers.

Start helping your customers directly by having a conversion with each other through chatting with LiveChat.

The one and the only way to help anyone is through having a direct talk and LiveChat is the best at doing this for you.

LiveChat brings additional of more than $65,000 of business per month.

It is clean and very easy to use application where you don’t take a more than a minute to understand the functions of the application.

LiveChat is used by more than 25,000+ companies websites and in more than 150 countries.

It is trusted by many companies like Huawei, Adobe, Stripe, Paypal, TED, Stanford University and so on.


55. UserTesting


User Testing


Your fastest path to the great customer experience with UserTesting.

Within two hours, capture the critical human insights you need to confidently deliver what customers want and expect.

With UserTesting’s demand platform, you uncover ‘the why’ behind customer interactions. By understanding the intent, you improve experiences, driving greater satisfaction and loyalty.

With UserTesting connects with your exact customers, get insights across the customer journey, make confident decisions.

There are a lot of brands who use UserTesting for improving their consumer’s experiences suck Facebook, Adobe, Dell, Udemy, Paypal and so on.


56.  Pixlr




You can make your every moment beautiful with Pixlr.

Pixlr offers everything during an image edit. If you need any software for editing your beautiful pictures without any hassle or without any software installation then don’t forget the name of Pixlr.

It is the best software which you don’t have to install or has a complex design which needed to be understood for editing your photos.

With Pixlr you can edit your photos on the go.

Pixlr has more than 130 million app downloads, 10 billion total images edited, and 500 million users.

It is quite popular when comes to photo editing.


So, These are the top best 56 digital marketing tools in 2019 according to us. Which can help your business and increase your revenue and sales.

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