Top Best 16 Free And Paid Blogging Platforms For Beginner In 2019

Top Best 16 Free And Paid Blogging Platforms For Beginner In 2019

If you are reading this post that means you are thinking of starting your own blog or a website.

But I think that you are not able to decide which platform you should choose.

I am right. isn’t?

If you are a beginner then there are lots of question which may come in your mind, lots of doubts and confusion and so on.

I could completely understand. But, don’t worry.

After reading this post you will completely get out of your confusion and be clear which one you should choose. Which will be best for you. Whether FREE or Paid one.

So, without taking much time lets starts our countdown of blogging platforms.






WordPress is one of the largest and among most famous blogging platforms. It is not possible that you may have not heard about the WordPress.

It is in the market for the last several years for providing an amazing service to the users.

Do you know that most people get confused in and but you don’t be confused, both are different platforms.

Check out the differences between vs is open source Software which allows users to create their own website or blog with himself/herself without any help of others.

It is very easy to set up a whole website or blog within 4-5 minutes with free themes or paid themes.

You can run your website within 1/2 hour on the internet. This is how a fast to setup your complete website or blog.

Its provide amazing cms for managing your site and the content.

You can see our another post, why you should use WordPress in 2019.

So, Why you should use, not any other platform. Take a closure look on PRO and CONS.


100% Control On Your Content And WebsiteNeed to manage your own backup and security
Provide Amazing CMS For The Content ManagementNeed to learn the usage of cms for website or blog management
Grow Blog With Lists Of Amazing Features Like Forum, Stores, Membership And Etc
Thousands Of Free And Premium Plugins And Themes Are Available
It is search engine friendly


This was the Pros and Cons of

But How much it will cost you?

Buy a Domain cost $11.88/year
Buy hostingBasic plan cost $2.75/month
Total Cost$44.88/year




paidWordPress is the same as, both are the blogging platforms.

And the co-founder of Matt Mullenweg has created this platform for starters for FREE.

Over you had to buy Domain, hosting and full maintenance is taken cared by yourself.

But on provides Free subdomain, being Hosted by WordPress itself and no maintenance is needed to be done by you, and all are taken care by

If you are starting your first blog or want to understand how the WordPress works then you should try

Because they provide basic services for free and afterward if you like the services then you can extend their services like custom domain, increase storage and could buy premium services and so on.

Now let’s see the PROs and CONs of


No setup is requiredYou will have limited customization.
Easy to use and manageYou can’t run an advertisement on your blog
No MaintenanceYou don’t own your blog
Hosted by WordPressAnytime it could be suspended when WordPress feels you are violating their terms of service
Great for new bloggersNo E-commerce Option
Forums are not Supported
You will have a single site only is free, But they are also having some upgradable plans to offer.

So, Check out their plans.



3. Medium




As the name “medium” itself, expresses all the meaning of this platform.

This platform launched in 2012, and till now it has become the huge community of writers, bloggers, and experts.

If you want to write and share your thoughts and idea instantly, then use this platform. Just sign up and start sharing it with the world.

This is how it is easy to get started without any much tension of domain and hosting and much more and more things.

It is very easy to use platform but it has limited social networking features.

After sign up, it will provide you with an amazing dashboard from where you can maintain your content and publish too.

It also provides unlimited storage, amazing reliability and always uptime, there will be no problem in these areas.

This platform is much simpler as using Facebook or Twitter for publishing your idea, thoughts, and experiences.

This platform looks amazing and attracts most people towards itself. But it also has PROs and CONs.


Free to useNo Control On Your Content, Because It Is Owned By Medium
Easy to get started with one signupFeatures Are Very Limited, In Terms Of Design And Building Your Brand
Amazing platform for writers and IndividualYou can not monetize your content


These are some Pros and Cons of this Platform, and If we talk about price then it is absolutely free to use.

So, If you want to share your ideas and thoughts with the world, then this will be an amazing Platform for you until you want to start your own Professional Blog, Brand or Business.


4. Blogger




You may be amazed by knowing that according to Alexa Rank Blogger stand at 25th in the worldwide. This is the craze for this Platform.

It is the most popular Free Blogging Platform which is available right now on the internet.

Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs, which was acquired by Google in 2003, and after that, the popularity of this platform increases in this several years.

It provides amazing features and tools with the brand name of Google which attracts lots of users and continues to grow.

This platform is free to use, just you need to signup with your google account and get going with your blog within a minute.

Let’s see how this platform is better than others with Pros and Cons.


It is absolutely Free to useBecomes limited features as if your blog grows
Very easy to use and manageLimited numbers of theme availability
Amazing features and tools are availableLack of customer support
Simplicity can be seen in their designLack of customization
Amazing speed and performanceLots of Google content policy
Google brand trustAnytime Google can suspend your blog if you break their policy


These are the Pros and Cons of Blogger.

But why you should go with Blogger?

If you are totally new and want to start from ground and etc. Then you should go with Blogger because of the craze for this platform increasing day by day.

And If your blog popularity increases then you can shift from Blogger to WordPress.






Tumblr is a little bit different from other Blogging Platforms. It is a microblogging site with social networking features.

You can put anything whatever you like to share whether it is text, image, link, quotes, audio, video and you can chat too.

While Tumblr offers everything to their users for sharing their ideas with the world with their built-in sharing tools.

It is very easy to start writing your first blog within a few minutes, you just need to sign up with your email id.


It is absolutely freeLimited features for growing your blog
Easy to use and setupHard to take backup of your blog and export it to the other platforms
Provides all social media features like quickly video share, image, GIF, audio and etcLimited design and lack of customization
Provides Google Analytics Integration
A simple and clean user interface


6. Ghost




Ghost is the open source platform and it is free to use if you will install on your hosted server like WordPress.

It is the minimalist blogging platform with limited features and most focused on writing a blog.

Ghost Blogging Platform is for very niche people who prefer full control on building their website with the use of coding.

It is a very unique platform which fits a special demographic of users who prefer to run a blog in a certain way.

For customization, Ghost offers a large marketplace with free and paid themes templates for your blog.

Ghost uses markdown rather than visual WYSIWYG editor for writing your blog post. It provides self-hosting on their servers But does not provide a free hosting plan.

There is a 14 days trial on their hosting server and after that, you have to pay. you can also upload your themes and content with means of FTF.

Take a quick look at the PROs and CONs of Ghost.


Completely focused on bloggingNot easy to customize
Clean User InterfaceVery limited features
It is very fastNot easy to set up on your hosted server
No Setup Is Required For Hosted Version


If we talk about the prices then, take a look at what they offer.




7. Square Space




Square Space is the website building service that allows you to create a beautiful website with the drag and drop features.

Everything what square space offers really looks cool, fresh and impeccable.

Square Space really understands the meaning of perfection.

It focuses on small business who are willing to bring their businesses online, and square space does their best job in this area.

Square Space also provide FREE TRIAL to their users for the first time.

Have a look at the PROs and CONs.


Very simple and easy to useLimited to the features
Very beautiful templates are availableThe personal plan limits you to 20 pages only
They separately provide domain name and more amazing featuresServices and tools integration are limited


Thinking about prices, just take a look at their Personal Plan


SquareSpace Website



8. Wix




Since long years ago Wix exists as a website builder.

Wix offers very easy for small business to build their website with drag and drop tools. Just you need to sign up, select templates and start creating your website.

Add Blog section with the help of Wix Blog App inside your website.

You can start creating your website within a minutes with their free plans, but you have to use their subdomain i.e

Free plan gives you limited features and you have to display Wix ads on your website.

So why you should use Wix,  take a look at the PROs and CONs of this platform.


Easy to customize website using templates and AppsLimited features for FREE accounts
Easy to build with drag and drop toolsShows Wix ads and branding on free websites
Very easy to set up and quick to goFREE third parties Apps are limited
Gets the amazing speed and securityThe chosen template cannot be changed afterward
Great customer supportE-commerce features are limited for paid plans


They also provide a premium plan, check their prices




9. Weebly




Weebly is another website builder designed to build websites easily with the help of drag and drop tools.

It comes with amazing features and lots of theme for the selection. Which you can select and start customizing according to yourself.

Weebly fulfills the desire of peoples, who are willing to build their website without being the techy guy.

It provides free as well as paid hosting as you move from starter to professional. They have different plans for websites and online stores.

To get started with Weebly you just need to sign up with your email id and select the theme which ever you like and get customizing your first website.

Have look on some of the PROs nad Cons of Weebly.


Easy to use and setupBuilt-in features are limited
Easy to customize with the help of Drag and Drop toolsLimited integration of third parties app
It will host your website for youDifficult in exporting from the Weebly platform to another
Get started with their free trial
Provide speed and security as the website is hosted by them
Great customer support


Let’s check their premium plans for websites




For Online Stores




10. Joomla




Joomla is an open source software content management system ( CMS ). It is a very popular CMS worldwide. Just like, it is also a self-hosted solution.

Where you will need a domain name and hosting for using this CMS.

Once you have the setup domain name, hosting and installed Joomla, then you are ready with this CMS through the interactive Dashboard

Through this Dashboard, you can manage your complete website in few clicks.

But Before that take a look at the PROs and Cons of Joomla.


Very easy to install and useYou need to take care of backup, security, and updates
Extremely powerful and flexibleThe smaller community then WordPress
Thousands of themes are availableLack of customers support
Very easy to customizeLimited adjustment options
Joomla apps are available for more features


If we talk about prices then it is totally FREE to install, but you need to buy Domain Name and Hosting.


11. Drupal




Drupal is an open source content management system which powers many websites on the internet for FREE.

It offers a wide range of functionality and flexibility to the users for content management.

Have the PROs and CONs of Drupal.


Open source CMSdifficult to install
Developer-FriendlyNeeds technical expertise for handling
You can create advanced websites
Very much flexible and versatile


12. Jekyll




Jekyll says that “Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs”

To Build a website with Jekyll need to know some programming languages because Jekyll uses MarkDown, Liquid, HTML, CSS for the development of the website.

As Github will host your website for FREE for a lifetime with their servers.

Jekyll does not have Database, Dashboard, comments and etc which are available on WordPress.

So, What’s the reason behind the usage of Jekyll. Take a look at the PROs and CONs of Jekyll.


Get an amazing speed and SecurityCan not create Dynamic Website
Hosted by GithubNeed to know basic coding to build
Lifetime free serverNo server-side scripting
Custom domain is easy to setupNot good for professionals bloggers or businesses
Many Themes Are Available


13. HubPages




Hubpages is a FREE blogging platform for the people who want to share their ideas with the world.

This is a very unique platform from others because it gives you a chance to earn money from ads which are shown on your blog or article.

It is a revenue sharing platform where you can upload your unique content and earn income from that through Adsense and other monetizing networks.

It is very easy to get started with just a single sign up within a minutes.

You don’t like to know the reasons for using Hubpages. If are you, then take a look at PROs and Cons of Hubpages.


Free platformLow pay
very much flexibleDifficult to advance
you can earn from your postLimited advertising
Easy registration
Very easy to manage


14. LiveJournal




LiveJournal is another free blogging platform which you will defiantly like it. It was started by American Programmer Brad Fitzpatrick in the year 1999.

This platform is the little bit older and with the passage of time, it got blurred in front of other blogging platform and social networking websites.

In 2005 it was acquired by a blogging company Six Apart and further it was sold to a Russian company in 2007. As it is not much popular like WordPress, Blogger and etc in many places.

But it is very much popular in Russia with the Alex Traffic Rank 16.

Take a quick look at PROs and CONs of this platform.


It is a free platformCan not be compared with the others blogging platform like WordPress
It Is Very Community Driven
Very mobile friendly
It allows voice posts




postach is another unique blogging platform which uses external note organizing platform Evernote to create your blog post and content management.

It claims that it is the easiest way to write a blog. also provides a bunch of themes for the customization of your blog, Disqus commenting for the comments and stores your content in Dropbox.


Well designed themes are available
very much familiar to Evernote users
Blog using Evernote
Custom domain name support
Gets Disqus comments system


16. Contentful




Contentful is a flexible and future-friendly content platform that helps editors to manage and developers to serve content.

Using contentful, editors collaborate on content interactively in an easy to use editing interface.

Developers use the content with the programming language and templating frameworks of their choice.


API based CMSSlow dashboard
Simple and customizable
Free for small projects
So, This is the Top Best 16 Free And Paid Blogging Platforms For Beginner In 2019 which you can have a look if you are going to start your blog or a website.

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