How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

What is affiliate marketing?

Do you have any idea?  🙁


If not, then you are landed to the right blog post.

First of all, Let’s understand what the Affiliate Marketing really means.


According to Wikipedia.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


This definition is a little bit hard for me to get understand and can be the same for you.

That’s why let’s make it easy for you and me.


So, have a look at a sweet and simple way to understand the actual meaning of Affiliate Marketing.  😉


Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s (or company’s) product.  😎

Products exist in your target market right now (that people are probably already buying) and if you can become the resource that recommends those products, you can generate a commission as a result.


This definition feels very easy to understand and well given by


Do you know that Affiliate marketing is the best method to generate passive income? One day you can become so much rich  😉


But what is passive income? Do you?

Passive income is an income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

Have you ever think of generating passive income and becoming rich one day.

Then you should give a try to Affiliate Marketing Because of it the best way to generate the passive income.


I know that you also wanted to be rich.  😎  😎  😎

And you can become rich by promoting the product and increasing the sales of other person or a company.

Don’t be too much excited. 😛

Because It totally depends on the product how much its cost is and what is the commission rates decided by the owner for you after you make a sale.


In other words, the owner of the product shares his/her revenue with you for the help of selling his/her product.

Now, I am pretty sure that you have clearly understood what is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing.

But you don’t want to know how Affiliate Marketing works?


Affiliate Marketing involves 3 peoples.

  1. Product Owner
  2. Promoter
  3. Consumer


Without any complexity, there are only 3 people involved in Affiliate Marketing.


So, Who are these peoples? Are you curious to know?

Let’s us know who are these peoples, and also understand the complete how the Affiliate Marketing works.


1. Product Owner ( Merchant)


According to Wikipedia, A merchant is a person who trades in commodities produced by other people.

But, Most of the time merchant is the creator, vendor, seller or single individual, who has a product.

Anyone can be a merchant if he/she is having the product to sell.

If you are also having the product, then you are also a merchant, its simple logic.  😛


2. Publisher ( Affiliate or Promoter)


Who is this person?

Any Guess?


Of course, it’s you or could be anyone else, who is promoting the products of other companies or person product.

But, Don’t be confused that Affiliate Marketer, Promoter or Publisher could be an individual or group of peoples or a complete company.


Through Affiliate marketing you can earn $100 per/month or more than $1 million per/month. It totally depends on you and on the product which you are promoting.


But, how to sell the product as an affiliate?

Here are the quick tips of mine to sell a product as an affiliate.


  • The best way to promote any product or services is through making a review of that product on your blog. By showing the peoples how this product is useful to them.


  •  Share the product with your friends, family and with the peoples on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms where you are having lots of followers.


  • Take help from your followers or audience to share an affiliate link with their friends and family.


3. Customer


This is the main player in the Affiliate Marketing Program.

Because this is the person who buys the affiliated product from you. If there will be no customer than it will be hard for you to generate revenue from Affiliate Marketing.


You have to convince your customer or audience to buy your affiliate products through the affiliate link. And to do so you have to be transparent and loyal to your customer so, that they don’t feel cheated or think you as a salesperson.


Every Affiliated product has a tracking code, which helps the promoter or marketer to track their affiliate product.


Through the tracking code, you will fully aware of how many persons has clicked and redirect to the sale page of that product.

And how many have just seen the product and leave it without any purchase or have purchased.


Are you getting nervous about how to do affiliate marketing, don’t worry?

It is really easy, you will just take 5 minutes to become Affiliate Marketer.


But don’t forget that to generate revenue you have to make a sale, without this everything seems to be useless.  😛


Many peoples who are beginners and wanted to be an affiliate marketer for the first time, they ask the first question and that is we have to pay any kind of subscription fee or sign up fee for becoming an affiliate marketer or not.

And the answer which I give to them is no. It is absolutely FREE  🙂


Anyone can become an affiliate marketer, you just need to sign up and get going to promote the product.

I know that it really seems easy but it is not so much easy.


Let us see why I am saying that affiliate is not a that much easy job.  🙁


Do you know that promoting or referring a product takes lots of efforts and hard work?

You can’t say anyone to purchase this or that product.


I think most of the time people don’t care about which product you are promoting or referring. 😥


So, how to promote affiliate products?


1. Review Affiliated product


Do you want that people should purchase your affiliate product?

But from the consumer point of view just for second think that why a consumer should purchase your product?


Because you wanted them to purchase your affiliated product.  😆  😆

That not seem to be a strong reason to get purchased by the peoples.


So, what you should do to get your affiliate product sold.


First of all, you need to show the people’s how much this product is beneficial for them.

Its advantages and disadvantages, you need to show their profit after purchasing the product not your share of revenue or commission on that product.


You have to convince people to purchase your affiliate product.

But how will you do this?


Through writing a brief and deep review of that product with each minor details. So, that the people or your audience can get convinced to purchase your product.

And a single mistake which many people which do for the first time is that they choose those products which are not in their niche.


So, you also don’t make the same mistake.

Choose only those products which are in your niche, because if you are not aware of that product which you are promoting than how could you explain to others and have sales.


If you and your audience have that connection and believe on each other than no one can stop you from selling.

So, behave your audiences like your family and friends.


2.  Build an email list


During the process of selling and purchasing, there is only one thing which is required between the promoter and a customer.

And what is that? Can you Guess?


A connection and trust.  🙂  🙂


With this two powerful weapon, you can win the complete world, So why you can’t sell a product to your audience.

But how can you build trust among your audience over the internet?


And the solution is through E-mail Marketing.

E-mail Marketing is the best way to build a personal connection with your audience.

You can’t neglect the power of E-mail Marketing.


But, How can you perform E-mail Marketing for building the connection?


Once you have got the E-mail id of your customer, from that point of time you can interact with your audience through e-mail in personally.

You can send an email to your audience about your latest product and services, deals and discounts and so on.


Through building, E-mail list you can make to sales or promote your products because you can directly interact with your audience and convening him/her for purchasing.

Do you know an E-mail List building makes loyal customers or audience?


But how can you collect E-mail ids from your audience or visitor on your website?

Do you want to know how can you perform this dangerous stunt on your website?  😆  😆


So, here is the few methods or techniques through which you can grab your audience email-id.

Take a closer look at the techniques.

This is the few best ways to collect e-mail id from your customer or audience.


1. Hello Bar




Many peoples for many times given their email-id through Hello Bar widget.

I know that you may think that I have not given and it’s ok.  😛


This is the widget with sat on the top or above the header of your website. Through which a website owner gets the audience email address.

Once you click the button of that widget, you are redirected to the other page where you had to put your email address.

That is the simple trick which many people uses to get the email address of their audience.

And you can also try this technique on your websites if you want to collect lots of email addresses from your audience.



2. Exit Popup




This is the among the most interesting ways to get an email address or grabbing the attention of your audience.

On many websites, you may have seen that whenever you want to get exit from a website or drag your mouse for closing the browser tab, at that moment a popup appears in front of you.

Through where an email address is grabbed.

For most of the time, you can’t close the tab until you don’t close that popup of the site.

And this is the another best way to grab or collect email id from your audience or a visitor on your website.


3. Sidebar Widget




This method or technique is also quite popular for getting the email address of the audience.

Out of 9/10 websites uses this sidebar method in their website to collect the email address.

Because most of the time people sees the sidebar.

Once you got the email address, you can start sending an email about your new blog post, offers and so on.


Now, you definitely know what is Affiliate Marketing is, how to join this program and how to sale an affiliated product.

But, before getting started with affiliate programs, you should also have little bit knowledge of how this program pays.


So, This is the few affiliate program payment methods, which you should know before signing up for any affiliate program.


1. Pay Per Sale


It is also called Cost per sale. It is the most popular and most used payment method by the merchant or for the affiliate program.

Once the product is sold by the promoter or affiliate marketer, a fixed commission is paid to the promoter on that product.


And the fixed rate of commission is paid to the affiliate marketer for each time when he/she make a sale.

Without a sale, you can’t generate revenue from the affiliate program. You had to make a sale.  😥


2.  Pay per click ( PPC )


Pay per click is the most common affiliate agreement, and under this agreement, the promoter or affiliate marketer will get a fixed rate, once the person clicked on the affiliate link on your website and redirected to the merchant website.

And on the merchant website, the person who is redirected through the affiliate link should need to stay at least 30 seconds on the merchant website.


Previous payment method i.e ( Pay Per Sale ) where you have to sell affiliate product to generate revenue.


But in this payment method i.e ( PPC )  it is not necessary to make a sale to earn commission or generate revenue.

You have to redirect the person to the merchant website should stay over there for 20 seconds and you will receive revenue.


3. Pay Per Lead ( PPL )


According to this payment method an affiliate marketer is paid depending on how much peoples or visitors have visited the merchant website and sign up as leads.


Don’t get confused with Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead because both seem same.  🙄

But, There is a difference.


In Par Per Click, you have to send a visitor to merchant website through your affiliate link and visitor have to stay on merchant website for at least 30 Seconds and whatever he/she does over the merchant website you hardly had to care.

But, In Per Per Lead you have to send the visitor to the merchant website and once they landed to the merchant website they need to sign up as leads, it means that the visitors will fill out the information request form on the merchant site.


Check out some Affiliate Programs which you can join right now.  🙂





CJ Affiliate


CJ Affiliate


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Amazon Affiliate


Rakuten LinkShare












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Wide Markets




Affiliate Partners




Commision Factory





















This is what affiliate marketing is and method and techniques to generate revenue from an affiliate program.  🙂

Which program did you sign up for, don’t forget to mention below in the comment box?


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