How To Get Started With Digital Marketing In 2019

How To Get Started With Digital Marketing In 2019

Do you know whenever I hear the word Digital Marketing, then what is the first thought which pops up in my mind?

Digital Marketing is the God Father of today’s businesses.

And if you ignore the Digital Marketing, then you are leaving many millions and billions of people.

If you don’t know about “What is Digital Marketing?” then don’t worry you will know everything about Digital Marketing is this post.


Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.


This is the most scientific definition of Digital Marketing presented by Wikipedia and it passed from my head.  😛

If you ask from me that you got this definition or not, then I am sorry to say, no I didn’t understand it completely.


So, what should we do to understand the definition or meaning of Digital Marketing? Just simple, let’s follow me  😉

From the deepest of my mind, I got the definition. check out this coolest and most amazing definition of Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing is any form of marketing of your products or services that involve electronic devices.

Electronic devices such as T.V, Mobile Phones and not remembering more.  🙁


Now, I am totally and completely sure that you have understood what the Digital Marketing really means.

And in 2019 it is very easy to do Digital Marketing for your product or services then earlier days.

yeah, it was hard in doing digital marketing in the 90s, but nowadays you can promote your product or services within an hour.


Do you believe me or not?  🙂 


Most popular brands around the world are willing to do Digital Marketing for their products or services.

You may ask why Digital Marketing only not Offline Marketing. I can hear your inner voice.  😎


So, Why Digital Marketing is only popular among the business owners? You asked a good question, I told you I can hear your inner voice.

But before answering this question. I want to take you in the flashback of 90s-20s.


But why flashback? isn’t?  🙁


Because we are going to find the reason behind the popularity of Digital Marketing in this flashback.

So, shall we start our flashback? Here we go.

In the 90s and 20s, we don’t have too many media for Digital Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on.

In the era of 90s and 20s, the businesses have an only limited medium of Marketing like Newspapers, radios, billboards and so on.


At that time the internet was not so popular like nowadays are, nor they were not knowing about Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads or any YouTube Ads.

Because that time these services are not available to the peoples.


But as soon as the Internet start getting popularity among the people. The Marketing player also changed their game of marketing.

Now you already know how many people are on the internet. Half of the population of the world i.e more than 3 billions people use the internet on daily basis.


And more than 2 billion peoples are active on Facebook and more than 300 million people use Twitter and other social media platforms.

So, Just for a second think that where you want to show your product either on the newspaper where some people will only see or on the internet where billions of people will see your product and you can completely track the performance of your Ads.

If you will ask me where I will like to show my product than my answer will be on youtube rather than on newspaper.  😎


There are 7 ways of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pay per Click Advertising

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

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