A seo guide for beginners in short in 2019

A seo guide for beginners in short in 2019

SEO( Search Engine Optimization ), How you feel whenever you hear about SEO, Do you get excited or you get a little bit scared?

If you ask with me when I was a beginner at that time with the name of SEO I just get goosebumps.

But after passing a few months I realized that SEO is really really simple and easy to implement on your blog or website.

Without any reason I was just getting too much scared with this word i.e Search Engine Optimization and when I was listening to the term SEO. Then I just got confused.

But after a few hours, I came to know that SEO and Search Engine Optimization is having the same meaning.


Do you know why this 3 letter word i.e SEO is so much important for any blog or websites current running on the internet?

And why the whole internet community is just running behind this one single word.

Do you have any idea about this? If not then we are going to explore the reason behind this situation in this blog post.

And I am totally sure that many peoples those who are beginners are also having the same question in their minds.


When I had started learning about SEO in the beginning, at that time I didn’t have the exact answers or solution for my questions or I am not fully satisfied with a result which I was getting while searching on the internet.

And same like me there are lots of people who are beginner’s right now, who are started their blog or thinking about starting their online business, Then they don’t have the deeper knowledge about SEO.

Am I right? isn’t. Do you agree with me or not?

Now I think that you will be curious to explore this term SEO, Are you?

If yes, then let’s begin the show.


The first question which many beginners ask with me is that ” What is SEO? “.

And I give answers to them. 🙂

So, first of all, let’s see what the Wikipedia is to say on this term i.e SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine‘s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic“, or “earned” results.


Did you get this definition? 🙁


When I was a beginner at that time this definition has passed from my head and I just got more confused after reading this definition.

Do you also have the same situation right now?

If yes, then don’t worry I am here to explain each and everything in details.

So tie your seatbelt and get ready to learn something new.


Do you know when I was a beginner, I was not able to understand all such terms like online visibility, web search engine, natural, organic and so on.

Yeah, I was a little bit dump. 🙁

And if you had understood this definition completely, then its quite impressive and you are really a genius person.


But, if you can’t, then let’s understand in a much simpler way.

So, Here we go.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in short we call it SEO.


stands for search, whenever we find an answer to the question on the internet, then that is called a search or searching your doubt.

E stands for Engine, When we search anything on google, bing, Baidu and etc, then the process which is going back for getting the answers of your question which you had done through different kinds of algorithms or technique which understood by Google, Bing and so on.

stands for Optimization, just for a second think that, how Google knows that which website is having an appropriate answer to your questions. Through website optimization level these search engines understand.


Google knows everything about your website or blog through SEO which you have done on your website.


And if Google found the best content( post ) on your site which satisfies the users need and will be shown in the first position of the search result.

To get your site on the first position of the search result, then we need to show the google that we have the best content on our website.

But how we will do this? Do you have any clue?

I think that you know and you are absolutely correct. It’s SEO.


Do you ever think that there are how many websites are on the internet?

It’s more than 1.5 billion websites are now currently active on the web and the numbers are increasing day by day.

So, Just for a moment imagine that how many contents are getting published in each and every minutes.

Yahh!! you are thinking correct there are tons of post or articles, images and etc. are getting published.


Do you know that WordPress ( CMS ) itself only runs more than 70% of websites on the internet and publish more than 87 million posts each and every month and Over 409 million people view more than 21.9 billion pages each month?


This data shows only those websites, which are using WordPress as their CMS, to maintain their content on the web.

But there are lots of websites which are not using  WordPress as their CMS like Facebook, Amazon and etc.


So, think that where the data have gone if we had includes all such website on our list.

I think its little bit hard to imagine the data. isn’t?

That’s why Every website needs SEO to cut down the competition and show itself in the front from others.


Are you ready to beat your competitors by performing amazing SEO on your website?

If you are ready then let’s dive deeper into this topic.


There are two types of SEO


1. White Hat

2. Black Hat


White Hat VS Black Hat

White Hat SEO is like a good guy with good intention and Black Hat is like a bad guy who is not so good, but most people use Black Hat SEO technique to rank their websites.


Are you a good or bad guy? 🙂


So, what are the differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO and how this both SEO is done on the site?

Do you know that there are lots of peoples, who hardly care about other people’s and their content on their websites, they only care about the traffic and the money?

This is really not good isn’t?

But people’s do these things to generate income as faster as they can with there websites.


I completely aware that everyone needs money, who doesn’t want? we both want lots and lots of money. but I don’t want to take a wrong path i.e Black Hat. and I will suggest that you also don’t take these kinds of the wrong path.


Do you know that by Performing a Black Hat SEO you can make lots and lots of money in the short run but don’t think that, you can survive for the long run.

You are not able to cheat your audience those who are visiting on your site. Neither you can make your business sustainable and you can’t see any growth in the business in the future.

But this is not true in case of White Hat SEO.

You can build an amazing and long lasting audience who feels connected with you and with your business in the long run.

And Search Engines also loves White Hat SEO over Black Hat SEO.


So, Please choose your SEO method so carefully, because it matters the most for your websites.

Now, have a quick look at the differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO.




Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO



Black Hat SEO

Keyword stuffing  – overusing of keywords throughout your website

Invisible text – putting lists of keywords in white text on a white background which will be invisible to viewers but can be read by search engines

Doorway pages – lots of fake pages that the user will never see

Duplicate content – posting the same content many times in different places on your website

Link farming – asking other website owners to get posted a link of their website on mine, if they will post a link of yours on their website



White Hat SEO

Researching and analyzing  –  your audience, your website usability and functionality, and your site metrics

Rewriting metadata – to include more relevant information on your website

Improving your content –  to incorporate more keywords and keep people for more time on your site or blog

Redesigning your website –  to be more visually appealing and functional working, without broken links and spams



Here are the differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. So, Which method do you want to apply on your website?


Now it’s time to make your hand dirty, get started with performing the SEO on your website.

There are two types of SEO methods, which are done on the website.


On page SEO :

It is more concerned with ranking your website in an optimized manner so that each and every Search Engines can find your websites. And your website can be listed in the search results.


Off-page SEO :

It refers to all the other factors which are responsible for ranking your website by the Search Engines.

Now you will be thinking which are those factors. isn’t?

So, these are factors like

  • Social share count
  • Total Backlinks


And these Factors cannot be controlled by any persons. But, you can improve your OffPage SEO.

Both On page and Off Page SEO have the same importance, which you can’t ignore any of them.


Now, Let’s understand how to perform On page SEO on your site.


But before moving forward, Do you know that the Google Search Algorithm changes each and every day?

Yahh, its little bit hard to believe but its true.

That’s why no one knows which strategy or technique will work and which will not. And don’t forget that there is nothing is permanent.


You have to take care of your website, not every day but in a week, and you can’t relax after doing SEO on your site for once.

As understanding, a Google algorithm is a little bit kind of very hard job because they use different methods and techniques to rank websites in Search Results which very hard to crack until you are genius Hacker.


But by seeing past reports, experts cracked Google Algorithms by which google rank websites and gives preferences to the websites.


On Page SEO

This is the things which you need you to need to keep in view for one page SEO.


Do you know that in 1996, Founder of Microsoft has given one quotation which is quite famous among the creator of the content?


“Content is the real king”


Google wants their customers should be more satisfied and feel happier after getting the relevant result and search for more.

And if you and your site wanted to be get treated like King in the search results. Then,


Number one job for you is to produce great content with valuable information and make Google feel that your content is more valuable than others.

You should give the first priority to your content because this is the thing which will get you more traffic and audience.

But how to create great content?

Which will keep your audience engaged for long times on your websites.


Because today everyone is creating amazing content and publishing too much awesome content on their websites.

Today, the Internet is a very competitive arena, Where very hard to survive among your competitors.


Don’t worry because here is the recipe for creating great content for your website.

Let’s begin with our first ingredient.



High Quality

Have you ever think, what first Google sees in any website.

Any Guess?


Of course, it’s the quality of the content.

The first and most important thing to get your website ranked in a search result, you will require a very high quality of content on your site.

Which matters the most for Google, because Google always wants their users to get the best experience.


The quality of your content can make you stand in the spotlight and can get treated like a king by Google.

But how to create amazing quality content each day or in a weak.

And this same question, I also ask with myself. 🙂


To create amazing content you have to be a teacher on the specific niche or topic on which your website is all about.

Or you have to be a genius like Einstein.  😛


So, how to create amazing high-quality content?

Don’t worry if you are not an expert in your niche, you don’t have to start it from scratch.

Just present your idea in the best manner from others who already done, on their website. Not saying to copy or paste their content on your site.

Do research on the topic on which you want to write your content and make your content best then others, because of a google search for best of the best content and rank that content in the first position in search result.



Fresh Content


Do you know that Fresh content can go viral if it is unique and provides amazing information and give the best experience to the users.

Like the latest facts, new pieces of information and etc,  the world of the internet also change each and every day in every second, it is not possible for all websites to get updated quickly.

I am right. isn’t?


Every website is unique content in itself and everyone can’t provide everything to their users.

We can’t say, that best version of content can’t be produced.


It is not possible. isn’t?


If so then, there will be only one article or post will available on the internet on the topic “SEO”.

But, there is a lot of contents are available because it’s not possible.


If someone searches for the term “what is SEO”. Million of a result will pop up on his screen, and having the same content on different websites and best of them are shown on the first page of search result.

But why it’s happening?


Because all sites are having fresh and unique content. And I told you earlier that how much Search Engine loves unique contents.

Freshness in content is so much important for any websites.



Keyword Research


Do you know that keyword research is the most essential part of any writing before he/she gets to start writing?

It is too much important and most crucial part before creating any content.


Why it’s so important?

Why we need to think so much about the title, heading of your post and the keywords, before writing any content?

Can you guess?


Just for a second think that, the topic on which you are writing is not being searched by people. Then, what’s the purpose of writing that content by putting lots of efforts? There is no sense, isn’t?

But if people are searching for your topic on which you have created the content then, your website can receive lots of traffic which you can’t imagine. Then your hard work will definitely show the result.

I am right. isn’t?


Have you noticed that no one wants to waste their precious time and efforts, without getting any benefit at all?

But, how to save time and efforts and can also able to target only that topic which is in the search by the users.

Is there is any way of doing this?


Of course, there is.

Keyword Research Tools, Which helps a content writer to find or target only that topic or keyword which people are searching for.

Writing a post without keyword search is like finding a pearl in the sea.

That’s why you need to perform the smart work, not hard work.


By the keyword research, you can target a specific audience and specific interest.

But how to do Keyword Research?


Hubspot and Backlinko have explained keyword research in their one post, and according to me, that was the too much amazing post. you should have one look at that post.


How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide



These are the few amazing tools through which you can do keyword research, some are paid and some are free to use.


Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner










Moz’s Keyword Explorer




Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool





Please Remember one most important point which many people forget, and that is to put targeted keywords in the posts headline, description and in the content.


And don’t do the same mistake which most people makes while creating their content?


Don’t use the keyword for too many times in your post.

Do you know that people put the same keyword everywhere in their content? They hardly remember that nowadays google gets too much smarter than early days.

No one can fool Google by spamming content with too much usage of keyword in their post.


Nowadays Google already understands what users want to search for and most of the time Google itself suggest few keywords or phrase which people can select while searching for their queries.


That’s why Don’t try to use at tons of keywords in many places in your post.


keyword selection

After keyword research, now it’s time to select the appropriate keyword which will be best suited for your topic.

But, selecting the right keyword is also not an easy job?

So, How can you do so?


Do you know that your content future depends on keywords, and most of the time SEO revolves around that keyword?

And if you make any mistakes in selecting the keywords, then you can lose a rank in a Google Search Result.

So, don’t forget that each keyword is the masterpiece, which attracts the huge audience and search engines.


Most people really do their best in picking a keyword, most of the time they really pick an amazing keyword for their post, and get ranked in search engines.

But most of the time they do some mistakes in selecting the keywords.


Do you want to know what are the mistakes which are done by most of the peoples?

Pick the wrong keyword


Most of the time people choose a wrong keyword or phases for their post. which harms the ranking of any website in google search engines or other search engines.


Let better understand with an example :


For a moment you imagine that you are an e-commerce website owner, selling a Nike product on your site.

And got ranked for the keywords like “buy Nike products”, “Nike” and getting a lot of traffic to your website, but what the problem?

Everything seems correct. isn’t?

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is, you are just selling Nike shoes not more than that, but your site receives traffic for all Nike products like clothes, gears and etc.


Due to this reason only, Most people leave your websites because they are searching for clothes, gears and etc.

Due to this only you will an increase in high bounce rate in your website, which highly affects your site ranking in the search results.

So, please keep in mind that it is very important to choose your keyword before implementing in your Heading, Description and in your content.


Ignore competition


Many people say that “I have picked correct keywords and done amazing SEO on the website but also not getting any traffic to my site”.

Everything seems correct. But what’s the reason for not getting traffic?


The reason behind this is that you had just ignored the competition of that keyword.

It is very hard for you to get ranked in google for the keyword you chose.


Whenever you start keyword research, the most important thing is to see the competition, volume, CPC and so on of that keyword.

So, that you can know from whom you are competing with. And fewer competitors means more traffic on your website.


So, this is the Small and Sort Guide for SEO for a beginner. Hope you like it  🙂

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